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PROGRAMMING ASSIGNMENT: flashcards using drawings instead of equations!

I have a TI-83 Plus calculator. I want to make flashcards and use them on a daily basis using the TI-83 Plus. What I want, instead of math equasions, is to input drawn pictures of Hirigana or Katakana (Japanese letters, if you will), and write the answer using the ALPHA key. If anyone can tell me how to code it into the calc, please do! I do not have the calculator's "guidebook" with the key to commands but I am surely a fast learner with this since it's simple programming, and I have added in simple programs before.

Here's what I'm looking for.

1. The first thing that will appear is an option:

1. Hirigana
2. Katakana

2. I will have stored names of drawings OF the hirigana / katakana as follows k_[symbol name]
EX1: k_ka k_no k_re
EX2: h_a h_te h_to

As I have said before, each flash card will appear as the image instead of a mathematical equation as most flash cards are.

3. The answer is input using either ALPHA + [key] OR SHIFT ALPHA. Striking the ENTER key will sent the answer to a chart, which will be explained later.

4. No matter if the answer was wrong, right, typed in wrong etc., the next card is to appear once the ENTER key is hit.

5. After all the cards have gone through, a CHART will be shown with the following information:
re ra re
ko ko ko

And that is all. I do not wish for the cards to be "reversible" as in, drawing the hirigana/katakana to the romanji (english letters), because that would be too complicated.

- I do not have a calc-PC link, so downloading a file to my calc isn't an option
- As for showing me the coding, you can do it like so:

[FLASH CARD CODE 2] <- this is so I know how to space between cards

Please please help me do this. :D Thanks SO much in advance!

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